Data-Observer was created by experts in digital data processing and business intelligence specialists.

In early 2010, Data-Deliver started its search for a technology partnership to better serve its clients. After testing various e-reputation platforms, Data-Deliver forged a strategic partnership with Asapspot in order to develop an offer based on its data-processing strategy in response to Data-Deliver’s market requirements.

Asapspot and Data-Deliver decided to co-developed a solution: Data-Observer. The two companies have combined their knowledge in information technology and human data processing, to form an all-encompassing Internet monitoring and e-reputation services company.

Data-Deliver, a business intelligence firm created in 2000 by information science engineer Jean-François Thonin operates mainly with key accounts: Areva, Caisse des dépots et Consignations, Ministère de l’Agriculture, Manatan, Stef-TFE, SNCF, Veolia Propreté…

Asapspot, a start-up established in 2008 with the support of the Belle de Mai incubator of Marseilles, specialized in processing international strategic sources on the Internet. The company was tested and approved by international groups set up in the Arabic Peninsula, research organizations (including the CEFAS), humanitarian organization and institutions (including the World Food Program in Yemen). Asapspot services provide original solutions in the web based information sources monitoring world.

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