Data-Observer collects, analyzes and organizes data from across the Internet to providing you with the most accurate information while catering to the unique needs of each and every client. Innovative, responsive and efficient, Data-Observer fits each client’s request and any budget.


Web Monitoring & Marketing Intelligence

  • Follow the key information tie to your strategic axes.
  • Detect the weak signals and market trends.
  • Identify and analyze tech innovations in your industry sector.
  • Find business opportunity.

Online Reputation : What are people saying about you ?

  • Be notified of all information that may impact your online reputation
  • Receive a clear and comprehensive daily review of relevant information pulled from the Internet
  • Benefit from simple and reliable indicators to monitor the evolution of your online footprint (tone, date, category and influence of sources and authors)
  • Crisis Management: Detect the development of a crisis in real time

Press Relations: Intelligently integrate relevant, online activity in your PR planning and tactics

  • Order a contact list of the most influential bloggers in your sector
  • Ensure you are following the right persons (journalists, bloggers, twitter users …)
  • Create and manage your own reports
  • Measure the online impact of your communication activities with 24/7 access to the Data-Observer platform – a comprehensive and accurate database of media, bloggers and online influencers updated daily

Marketing: How to analyze online discussions

  •  Access our “Satisfaction Barometer”, a real-time monitor of customer sentiment towards your brand, products and services
  • Accurately benchmark your performance against your competitors
  • Identify innovative solutions and new services suggested by Internet users
  • Benefit from our dynamic filters to track your chosen topics of interest
  • Request custom reports and market research
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